The Qt Company joins the silver sponsors!

published at 11.10.2016 11:05 by Jens Weller

I'm happy to announce, that also the Qt company is a sponsor of this years Meeting C++ conference.


Meeting C++ has been for years a heavy user of Qt, mostly for UI and Database related use cases. I just gave a talk at CppCon on how to combine Qt with boost, templates and the new standards. With Qt 5.7 and the upcoming 5.8, there are many new exciting APIs available to the C++ world through Qt, the QWebEngine and Speech Recognition just being two of them.

Qt as a framework is heavily used in the industry, and has with the Qt World Summit its own conference, which is the successor of the Qt DevDays. The Qt Company and the platform for Qt wants to unify the open source and the commercial version of Qt. Qt is becoming popular on a lot of different platforms, from apps to embedded, with its rich APIs and QML as a modern UI for touchscreens. A good overview on Qt gives you the introduction into Qt on my blog!

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