The C++ Hightlights and more of GCC 6.1

published at 28.04.2016 21:58

In this week GCC 6.1 was released, a new major version of GCC. This new version brings again many new features for C++ to the GNU Compiler Collection. A short overview on these.

C++ Committee to shift focus on important issues

published at 01.04.2016 03:22

Lessons learned from Meeting C++ 2015

published at 24.03.2016 16:32

Some reflections on last years Meeting C++ conference, and what changes are coming for this years Meeting C++ Conference, which will be announced next week. This year will be the 5th conference, with the experience of running the event 4 times, it will be again, the best Meeting C++ conference I have organized so far. But lets first look back, and learn from last years and previous events.

C++17 and other future highlights of C++

published at 10.03.2016 11:25

Welcome to the 3rd and last part about current proposals for C++17 and beyond. In the last part, there was an overview on the current Technical Specifications, most likely to move into C++ after C++17. The full proposal listing of 2016 sorted by subgroups contains many more proposals then I can cover.

C++17 and its Technical Specifications

published at 03.03.2016 12:23

Part 2 of my series about the current proposals for C++17. This part is covering the Technical Specifications (TS), which are currently released. Some of them will make it into C++17. Those not making it into C++17, should be available in the namespace std::experimental, if they are not a language feature.

Selecting by interface, an idea almost to good to be true

published at 27.02.2016 17:36

Last night, I've been coding until 3 am. Working on an API which will connect my CMS to JSON libraries in a generic way. For this I did study different JSON Libraries in the past weeks. I almost wrote another one ;) Yet, I had the idea to write a generic interface to interface with some of these libraries, so that my own code is not hard wired to a certain API.

Current Proposals for C++17

published at 25.02.2016 10:53

Revisiting QWidgets & data, refactoring and performance

published at 18.02.2016 11:10

My CMS project has grown quite a bit, and there are a few places where I think I should refactor the code. One of the larger ones is that TreeItem::get<T> returns a pointer instead of a reference. Another one is related to how the Qt UI application is acting when opening a new panel in the TabControl. There used to be a noticeable delay...

Searching and replacing in strings with boost

published at 11.02.2016 12:41

The next big milestone for my CMS is to actually generate HTML files, and I'm almost there. I'll reach it in the next two weeks, most code is written, just a little bit of refactoring is needed. This blog post is about searching and replacing in strings. As I started last week with implementing the functionality, that turns the data in my CMS into an HTML website.

Raw loops vs. STL algorithms

published at 04.02.2016 10:46

Using parallelism with boost::future

published at 28.01.2016 15:38

Part of my new year resolution was to do weekly backups. Back in 2013 I already had written a small application, which writes several directories in one zip archive. I continued the work on this in the last days.

C++ in 2016

published at 21.01.2016 16:08

Like in the previous years(2015, 2014 & 2013), a short outlook into the fresh year regarding C++...

boost 1.60 - a short overview

published at 18.12.2015 16:40

Yesterday boost 1.60 was released, and it brings a few important details and changes to the boost users. Plus one new library: the Variadic Data Macro library by Edward Diener.

The wind of change

published at 27.11.2015 17:09

As Twitter finally has now the option to do polls with 4 options, I asked yesterday:

6 topics on starting and running a User Group

published at 05.11.2015 21:38

Almost two years ago I blogged about founding C++ User Groups, since then I have learned a lot more on the topic, and I want to share that experience with you in this blog post. While my focus here at Meeting C++ is C++, this post is more on the topic of a User Group, so its also useful to you, if you want to start a user group on something else. Yet, I might strive away into C++ lands in this post...

My trip to the first Qt World Summit

published at 08.10.2015 21:55

I attended CppCon, and all I got...

published at 02.10.2015 20:12

... was an awesome conference! So this is my trip report. I really enjoyed the week in Bellevue, it was a pleasure to see so many of you again, so I want to thank Jon Kalb for organizing a great CppCon for the 2nd time.

An overview on C++17 and beyond papers

published at 01.10.2015 21:10

I used to do overviews on all papers for a meeting, and when I find the time, I will do this for upcoming meetings again. I will try to post a best-of later, with all the good stuff on concepts, modules and more later. Currently I'm to busy, I just got back from CppCon, and will go to the Qt World Summit next week (meet me there!).

A third way to use boost::serialization

published at 08.09.2015 15:03

Handling files - using boost::filesystem

published at 01.09.2015 14:41