C++ in 2016

published at 21.01.2016 16:08

Like in the previous years(2015, 2014 & 2013), a short outlook into the fresh year regarding C++...

boost 1.60 - a short overview

published at 18.12.2015 16:40

Yesterday boost 1.60 was released, and it brings a few important details and changes to the boost users. Plus one new library: the Variadic Data Macro library by Edward Diener.

The wind of change

published at 27.11.2015 17:09

As Twitter finally has now the option to do polls with 4 options, I asked yesterday:

6 topics on starting and running a User Group

published at 05.11.2015 21:38

Almost two years ago I blogged about founding C++ User Groups, since then I have learned a lot more on the topic, and I want to share that experience with you in this blog post. While my focus here at Meeting C++ is C++, this post is more on the topic of a User Group, so its also useful to you, if you want to start a user group on something else. Yet, I might strive away into C++ lands in this post...

My trip to the first Qt World Summit

published at 08.10.2015 21:55

I attended CppCon, and all I got...

published at 02.10.2015 20:12

... was an awesome conference! So this is my trip report. I really enjoyed the week in Bellevue, it was a pleasure to see so many of you again, so I want to thank Jon Kalb for organizing a great CppCon for the 2nd time.

An overview on C++17 and beyond papers

published at 01.10.2015 21:10

I used to do overviews on all papers for a meeting, and when I find the time, I will do this for upcoming meetings again. I will try to post a best-of later, with all the good stuff on concepts, modules and more later. Currently I'm to busy, I just got back from CppCon, and will go to the Qt World Summit next week (meet me there!).

A third way to use boost::serialization

published at 08.09.2015 15:03

Handling files - using boost::filesystem

published at 01.09.2015 14:41

Integrating an HTML Editor into Qt using Javascript and QWebView

published at 25.08.2015 16:27

Messaging and Signaling in C++

published at 20.08.2015 15:28

Whats new in boost 1.59?

published at 14.08.2015 18:31

QWidgets and data

published at 13.08.2015 22:16

A generic context menu class for Qt

published at 07.08.2015 16:07

Menus and Widgets in Qt

published at 06.08.2015 12:15

Building factories in C++ with boost::factory

published at 04.08.2015 15:27

This is the third part of my series on writing applications with C++ using Qt and boost. This time I focus on building factories, using boost::factory, with the ultimate goal to have widget factory producing QWidgets. The last part was about building trees and treemodels for QTreeView.

Trees, tree models and tree views in Qt

published at 30.07.2015 17:27

Building Applications with Qt and boost

published at 28.07.2015 21:58

boost::variant and a general, generic visitor class

published at 25.07.2015 12:35

Is it bad to have vector in a public interface?

published at 12.07.2015 23:31

After I finished my talk at NDC Oslo about encryption in C++, the last question I was asked by an attendee was about having std::vector in public interfaces as an argument, and if that would be considered bad practice. So, is it good or bad to use std::vector in a public interface?