Drawing circular text in Qt

published at 16.02.2018 20:17

For a few weeks now, I use Friday afternoon to do some coding. As often managing Meeting C++ has become a non-code activity, it feels good to have a spot in the week where I focus on "what could I code today?". Today I focused on drawing circular text in Qt, which mostly consisted of writing prototype code, there is still lots to tweak if you'd wanted to use this in production.

C++ in 2018

published at 09.02.2018 17:44

Its time to have a look, what one can expect form the best programming language of the world in 2018...

A CppCon 2017 trip report

published at 06.10.2017 23:32

I'd like to share my experience of attending CppCon 2017, or how I'd like to describe it: playing multiplayer "find waldo" for one week. This is also the first time, that I attend a CppCon without speaking, I could complain about this, but actually I was very happy not to speak. There was no time to prepare a new talk anyways, Meeting C++ has kept me busy, but back to CppCon.

Future proofing our C++ APIs

published at 12.08.2017 20:30

While writing my CMS, I made one experience: using both std and boost versions of various types in the same code base. Often, it is a 3rd library, in this case from boost, which I use, only supporting the old boost versions. Which is fine, but it makes maintenance and working with the code more difficult, as constantly you see a mix of boost and std.

The reviews have begun

published at 10.08.2017 15:40

A few weeks ago I announced a C++ review community, which since then has grown to 250+ members on reddit. There has been great feedback and discussions since then, so that the idea is now ready to be tested.  With August, the first review period has started, but first have a look at the idea of a review community again:

How I got started with C++

published at 28.07.2017 15:08

We always hear and see what the latest news on C++ or some particular subset of it is. What one usually does not get to know, is how people got started with C++. But one thing for sure, all of us in the C++ community are either still getting started, or did once. There is a good section on how you could get started today at isocpp.org, but the past did not offer such a luxury.

The power of method templates

published at 14.07.2017 17:30

This is very useful if you work with Qt, but could also apply in many other situations. My use case often is Qt, as it does not allow for template classes to be derived from QObject. Hence, all of these UI and widget classes end up being quite concrete implementations.

Fuzzing beast with libFuzzer

published at 10.07.2017 12:24

During the weekend I wanted to take a closer look at beast, a http library proposed for boost. I planned to write an http client class, as thats something I'll need in some project later anyways. I've been looking at beast on and off for a few month now, and started by reviewing the documentation and examples to get a feel for the library it self.

5 years of Meeting C++!

published at 06.07.2017 15:24

Just a little bit more then 5 years ago, Meeting C++ went public. Since then, it has been a wild ride and huge success. Today, Meeting C++ reaches over 50k in social media, the conference it self has grown from 150 to 600 in its 5 editions.

A C++ review community

published at 13.07.2017 14:47

I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and now its time to give it a try. And in its current state, there are still some unsolved questions, so for now consider this a beta version. It will take one or two month to get this fully started, and I do see this as kind of an open end experiment.

2 years of building my own CMS...

published at 30.06.2017 20:16

A unique_ptr pool

published at 22.06.2017 18:25

A few weeks ago I wrote about a self-contained unique_ptr pool, which today I refactored into a more reuseable template. Reason is, that the pool class it self now needs to maintain two different kind of objects into their pools,  hence the actual pool code is best now factored out into a template.

A self-contained Pool in C++14

published at 22.05.2017 17:20

During C++Now I started writing a small application, that plays around with dlibs face recognition features. More on this later, the program uses the QThreadPool, and some researched showed that calling dlib::get_frontal_face_detector() is a very expensive operation. So I decided to write a thread safe pool to share the face detection object between threads, only loading as many as needed. The main thread owns the pool which owns the detection objects.

A short story on a tiny error

published at 13.04.2017 18:17

Well, lets make this clear, this isn't an article about best practices. Its about the little errors that happen in everyday life, and how they can go on undetected for quite a while. It started with a hint on reddit from Vittorio Romeo on last weeks C++ Blogroll, that the links for the videos didn't work.

Reflections on the reflection proposals

published at 02.03.2017 11:29

A few weeks ago I wrote a short overview over the most interesting papers for the current C++ Committee meeting in Kona, Hawaii. The big surprise was that there were many papers on reflection, while there already is a very detailed proposal for reflection.

HTML Text Editor - final solution

published at 23.02.2017 23:51

In the last post about my HTML Text Editor, I mentioned that while the editor worked like it should, other things didn't. I was able to fix at least some of the driver related issues, but kept seeing random crashes. So I decided to try out a different solution, instead of going on a long and tiring debugging trip.

C++ Proposals please...

published at 16.02.2017 11:10

A quick overview over the newest mailing of proposals for the upcoming C++ Committee Meeting in Kona, Hawaii. With C++17 being "done" but not yet an official standard, its a good time to start new proposals aiming for C++20 and beyond. After all, a new proposal which might needs to go through a TS might not make it to the C++20 timeframe...

Refactoring the HTML Text Editor for QWebEngine

published at 13.02.2017 16:45

Using QtCreator together with the Visual Studio Build Tools

published at 09.02.2017 16:22

For a while I've been using QtCreator as my IDE, mostly because its deep integration with Qt, as most of my projects are Qt related. With this, I also preferred (and still do a little) to use the MinGW builds of Qt on Windows. In the past, as GCC was a little bit better with the newer standards, today, well, never change a running system...

C++ in 2017

published at 26.01.2017 16:25

The year is a few weeks old, so a quick installment on whats in it for C++ in this annual rotation around the sun...